During the last few decades, the hospitality services sector has taken wide steps towards development and became one of the fastest growing business sectors in Saudi Arabia.
In addition to the increase of the number of visitors travelling to the Kingdom to perform Hajj and Umrah, there is the major booming in the tourism industry inside the kingdom.
As a result, investing in the hospitality services sector offered valid business opportunities, and it became a necessity to meet the growing demand by providing a variety of high quality services and supportive solutions in a fast and easy to access manner.
Integral Hotel Supplies Company (IHS) works hard on developing its services to meet and support the tourism industry in one of the fastest growing markets in the Middle East.

The Journey Began

In 2010, IHS was established with an optimistic vision to raise the level of the hospitality and tourism sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to keep up with the increased number of tourism establishments and demand, while committing to our beliefs in maintaining a professional working organization, that provides the hospitality sector in the Kingdom with products, solutions and services with the highest standards and attention to details.
Since then, IHS continued to grow and develop on all levels to become one of the largest and most prominent companies in its field nowadays and for being the ultimate source for clients looking for high quality and excellence in hospitality products and solutions.


The variations of IHS products covers a wide range of hospitality needs and provides practical solutions including the essential requirements of; Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Gyms and more… most of which are available and ready for shipping all year long, in different levels to meet our clients’ standards.

Partners of Success

The success of our clients in providing a high level of services for their guests is on its own our success.
Therefore, we work hard to design and provide the ultimate solutions for our clients helping them to raise the level of their services. By achieving that, our vision is successfully achieved.